Snap Links

Snap Links 0.0.4

Open multiple links in new tabs


  • Saves time
  • Drag box on links


  • Can interfere with mouse gestures
  • Selects only links on visible part of page

Very good

Snap Links is a clever Mozilla add-on for all you lazy people out there. This plugin allows you to select and open multiple links in one go. Once Snap Links is installed on your Firefox browser all you have to do is drag a rectangle over your links, and click your mouse button to open them in new tabs.

You'll find that this can save you a good amount of time, especially when you're browsing a link rich page, like search results.

Don't go link crazy though.

Snap Links will only open up selected links that are visible on your page. If you have a mouse or pointer add-on already installed on your Firefox, you'll have to make sure that Snap Links doesn't interfere with it.

It happened to us while using Mouse Gestures.

Snap Links offers a new way to quickly select and open multiple links in your browser.

Snap Links allows users to easily open multiple links in new tabs by drawing a box around them. Links can also be opened in new windows, new tabs on a new window, copied to clipboard, bookmarked or downloaded.

Snap Links


Snap Links 0.0.4

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